paintings in ochre: girl on the shore


Paintings in Ochre: Girl on the Shore by Amy Keevy is an ongoing exploration of the body and the shoreline using the warm tones of ochre, rust, and flesh. 

Cape Town, South Africa: Amy Keevy spent the first few weeks of lockdown in 2020 on the west coast of South Africa where blush, rust and ochre tones are abundant along the shoreline. The colours on the rocks, the shapes of creatures and objects along the wild coast, and the hours spent walking are elements she tumbled together in this new series of watercolour paintings. Paintings in Ochre: Girl on the Shore examines the artist’s connection with the earth and the ways in which her body moves through space. These works were expanded by the sea, at a strange time when access to nature and freedom of movement – life as we knew it – was both prohibited and yearned for collectively. This series responds to the cyclical flow of nature, and offers a glimpse at natural and spiritual powers out of our control.