written musings from my studio


When did I start to think that putting my thoughts down in words sounded silly?

Do you ever feel that way? I used to love writing when I was younger and felt like I could do it, you know? But as I grew older I feel like I grew shyer. I lost that child-like abandonment to express these words. I worried about ‘making sense’.

But now I ask myself is there any sense in this being human? What a riddle we are, a great big adventure of twists and turns. With the bright warm shining sunlight on our faces, while large crocodile tears run down our skin. We are everywhere and no where. We are everything and we are nothing. There is joy. There is joy. There is joy. 

The more I let go of my need to perform, my need to do/be good to be liked, my need to show to someone else I am worth it, the more I feel grounded in myself. The more I feel open to my own expression, the more I open myself up to know this soul of mine that chose to come into this human form.

Today, in this moment, I choose not to worry about ‘making sense’. There is no sense to make. There is only me, this body, on this earth. I am my only home. And I want to write about it.

This year get ready to hear some more ramblings from my heart. Where I focus less on making sense and more on expression.

Where do you need to do the same in your life? 

Thank you , again. for joining me here.