Whispers of Wonder / new artworks {painting as a form of self-parenting}


It's Sunday and stormy and cold outside. I find myself curled up in bed in with a book. I absolutely adore this winter weather as it serves as a reminder that it's perfectly okay to pause and hibernate for the day, listening to what my body needs.

Last month, Maryke and I took a family trip to Ballot's Bay. We stayed in a charming wooden house perched atop a small valley, boasting the most incredible view. Whenever we're with family, Maryke's nieces love spending time with us, and one of my favourite activities is painting with them. The eldest niece is a thoughtful little thinker, and I can see how much she's fascinated by the process of painting. Since I was working on some commissioned pieces, I brought out all my inks and set up a makeshift studio space. It wasn't long before she noticed what I was doing and joined in.



Let me tell you, painting with children requires a true act of letting go. I often let them use my inks and paints, which pushes me to step outside my comfort zone and embrace the flow. I want kids to feel deserving of using "real" art materials and exploring a medium. Children don't carry the same hang-ups that adults do. Is there too much ink on the paper? Not in the eyes of a child! Overworking a painting? That concept doesn't exist for them.

As little Ella and I sat and painted together, I observed her actions. Watching her small hands create art inspired me to play more with my own artwork – adding more ink, more colour, and spending less time worrying about the final outcome.



Whispers of Wonder

These two artworks originate from that space of creativity. Painting becomes a form of self-reparenting for me. I learn through the eyes of a child, releasing my perfectionism and allowing the ink and water to guide me. And the end results? They may not align with the commission brief, but instead of viewing it as a failure, I see it as a triumph of creativity. Being comfortable with moving the brush and creating what resonates in the moment, for its own unique purpose.

These two pieces are available as limited edition artworks, printed with archival ink on acid-free Felix Schoeller True Fibre 200gsm paper.

Available in sizes A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1

Each artwork is hand-embossed, and limited to an edition of 30 artworks. All prints are sold unframed and come with a hand-signed certificate of authenticy.


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