Podcast: Embracing the Bleed – Amy Keevy on Menstruation, The Female Body, Creativity & Social Media as an Instrument for Change



I join Keri from We Are The Wildflowers to talk about all things art and creativity, working for myself and collaborating with others all whilst holding down a day job, how important social media can be for small brands, the female body, menstrual cycles and, of course, the moon! I do hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

Follow this link to listen: http://wearethewildflowers.co.za/embracing-the-bleed-amy-keevy-on-menstruation-the-female-body-creativity-social-media-as-an-instrument-for-change/


Show Notes

Books, powders and art mentioned in the show:

Maca powder
The Vulva Gallery on Instagram
The Great Wall of Vagina by Jamie McCarthy
“That” Facebook Ad