Coming Home ~ a collection of new abstract artworks


This new collection of artworks has been a long time coming. Created in 2021 over a two-week period, these pieces emerged during a challenging time when my mom was fighting for her life in the hospital with Covid. Having moved to the forest outside of Plettenberg Bay just four months earlier, I was in the process of building a new life for myself. I come from Port Elizabeth, and during that period, I found myself commuting back and forth, spending a lot of time caring for my parents in PE.

When I returned to the forest and my new home, I felt the deep need to paint, to move, and to process. Over 30 artworks were born, created without much concern for the outcome. These are the 8 I loved the most.

I used ink, jars of water, pouring both onto the paper, moving with broad strokes. Each piece was a piecing together of a story. Over the years they sat in my studio. I would look at them, think of them, but the time never felt right to share them with the world.

Fast forward to 2024, and I find myself in another significant transitional period. I won't go into the details now; it's too raw and heavy. Yet, I'm asking myself the same questions as I did in 2021. Where is home? What does it feel like? How did I get there, and when did you decide to leave? Is home a space, a person, a ray of the sun, a stream of light?